How to Add the Word "Draft" As a Watermark to Excel Documents

By Carter McBride

Updated September 28, 2017

Add watermarks to your documents to specify what the document is.
i Ryouchin/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A watermark is an image created by the user that is in the background. Usually the watermark is light and used to either show authenticity or to make some note on the entire document, such as that the document is a draft. When you create an Excel spreadsheet, you can add a watermark. When you add the draft watermark, if you print out the spreadsheet, it will have the word "Draft" across the page so users clearly know the document is only a draft and not yet finished.

Open your Excel document and click "Insert," then "Word Art."

Select the style you want your watermark to look like.

Type "Draft."

Right-click your word art and select "Format Text Effects."

Check that "Solid Fill" is selected and drag the transparency bar to a setting that allows you to see the data on the spreadsheet and the word "Draft" on the spreadsheet.