How to Obtain the Grappling Hook Batclaw in "Batman: Arkham Asylum"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

The Grapnel Gun in "Arkham Asylum" gives Batman the power to reach higher ground, letting him escape foes or overlook an area; unfortunately, even though it would seemingly make a great weapon, the gadget doesn't let you do much other than that. A similar item, the Batclaw, waits for Batman inside the Batcave about halfway through the game. This item lets you pull movable objects and even attack inmates during a fight, adding an extra layer of strategy to Batman's arsenal.

Progress through the game until you defeat Killer Croc. Following the Commissioner's rescue and a brief stint on Arkham Island, Batman is forced to chase down an old foe deep in the sewers. Following this cutscene, Batman returns to Arkham Island to find the Batcave.

Walk northeast. You're headed in the right direction if you see some inmates waiting to kick Batman where the sun doesn't shine. The second group of inmates you encounter has skilled thugs, so take your time fighting through them. As with any armed inmates, wait until they try to strike first, then counter the attack and follow up with a few punches of your own.

Enter the corridor. The dark, unassuming door in the brick wall is the entrance. Head left before passing the second gate and enter the door to go to Arkham North.

Walk southeast. A group of inmates await below; jump down and give them the ol' one-two until the last one falls to his knees. Head south when the fight is over.

Use the hook on the brick wall to climb it. Nearby is the entrance to the cave; entering this door triggers a cutscene that takes you inside the Batcave, where you automatically obtain the Batclaw.


Try raining down on any foes standing between you and the Batcave with a Glide Kick. The move will stun the victim briefly, giving Batman a chance to jump into the action before the inmates realize what's happening.

To disarm an enemy, fire the Batclaw towards the next inmate that tries to swing at Batman. The claw will wrap itself around the weapon and yank it out of the inmate's hands, removing the danger and allowing Batman to dive back into the fight.

Upgrading to the Ultra Batclaw lets Batman deploy three claws at a time; the added claws lets you pull down destructible walls without the use of explosive gel. Firing at heavy objects highlighted in Detective Mode lets Batman pull them closer to him.


The second group of inmates uses fighters capable of countering your attacks and some may have weapons. Be sure to take your time fighting these foes, especially on higher difficulties.