Cheats for ""GTA Vice City"" for PC

By Candice Coleman

Updated September 22, 2017

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you assume the role of Tommy Vercetti, who is eager to uncover the secrets of Vice City. Typing any cheat code in during game play will make it effective immediately.

Codes that Alter Appearance

Typing in "FANNYMAGNET" will make women follow Tommy around. "DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS" will make Tommy gain weight, while "PROGRAMMER" will give him smaller limbs. "STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP" will make it possible to change Tommy's clothing. "CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED," "LOOKLIKELANCE," "MYSONISALAWYER," "ILOOKLIKEHILARY," and "ROCKANDROLLMAN" will all make you turn into different characters.

Codes for Cars

Typing "PANZER" will generate a Rhino and "TRAVELINSTYLE" will bring a Bloodring Banger. Gain a Bloodring Banger #2, Sabre Turbo, Hotring Racer, Hotring Racer #2, Romero's Hearse, Love Fist's Limo, a Trashmaster, or a Caddie by entering, "GETTHEREQUICKLY," "GETTHEREFAST," "GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED," "GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST," "THELASTRIDE," "ROCKANDROLLCAR," "RUBBISHCAR," or "BETTERTHANWALKING," respectively.

Character Trait Codes

Typing "THUGSTOOLS" will give you all light weapons, while entering "PROFESSIONALTOOLS" or "NUTTERTOOLS" will give you medium and heavy weapons, respectively. "ASPIRINE" gives you full health and "PRECIOUSPROTECTION" gives you full armor. "LEAVEMEALONE" can decrease your wanted level, while "YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE" increases it.