How to Play an iPod in Your Car Without an AUX Jack

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cassette adapter

  • FM tuner adapter

Listen to your iPod through your car speakers using an adapter cable.
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The easiest way to play your iPod through your vehicle's speakers is to plug it into your head unit's AUX input. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because many factory CD players do not include one. But, don't worry, Apple has got you covered. The company sells two adapters to get your iPod playing in your car; a cassette adapter and an FM tuner adapter.

Cassette Adapter

Insert the adapter's cassette deck into your vehicle's cassette player.

Plug the other end of the adapter into your iPod's headphone port.

Push your cassette deck's "Play" button.

Choose a song on your iPod.

FM Tuner Adapter

Plug the FM tuner adapter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Plug the other end of the adapter into your iPod's power port.

Press the adapter's "Scan" button. A radio station will appear on the adapter's digital readout.

Turn on your radio and tune to the station displayed on your adapter.

Play a song on your iPod.