How to Find Local Digital Channels

By Jennifer Underwood

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet connection

  • Address with zip code

Local channels provide free television programming.
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Because getting local news and weather is essential for day to day life, local digital channels are available free for everyone. Finding your local channels is easy when you know where to look. While there are many websites that generate lists of local channels, generates a list of obtainable channels when using an antenna. However, a complete list of channels within 120 miles of your home can be found at TVFool's website.

Antenna Web

Go to AntennaWeb's website.

Click on the "Choose an Antenna" tab in the center of the screen.

Enter your address and zip code to generate a list of local channels. Digital channels are identified with a star in the "DTV" column.

TV Fool

Go to

Enter your address and zip code and click "Find Local Channels." A full list of channels within 120 miles of your location will be generated.

Choose the "Only Digital" option to eliminate any analog channels from your search results.