"Spellforce 2" Drakkar Guide

By Andrew Aarons

Updated September 22, 2017

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Released by JoWood Productions in 2006, "Spellforce 2: Dragon Wars" is a single-player role-playing game for PC. One of its features is the "Drakkar" mini-game. Beating the Drakkar master will give you a special cup souvenir and three coins to unlock chests later in the game.

Obtaining the Stones

Beating the Drakkar master is a matter of having enough Drakkar stones to play him. Collect these stones, or tiles, throughout the game before engaging in the master battle. You should have at least 15 stones.

Stones From Players

Playing "Drakkar" against other players in the game gives you stones. Tiles are available from the students of the Drakkar master, from various masters of guilds throughout the game, and from five opponents in the city (three of whom are easy to defeat, two of whom are challenging).

Stones Found in the Game

You will also find Drakkar tiles in chests and drops around the game. Look for a green stone in the chest at the prison camp in Song Glass. While in Song Glass, also check one of the chests behind Lokhar near the Clan camp for the Fool stone -- very important for beating the Drakkar master. The treasure chests on the plateau in Crater contain three different stones.