How to Solve the Puzzles in Resident Evil 4

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

In “Resident Evil 4,” Leon Kennedy will need to do more than blast away parasite-infected Europeans if he hopes to rescue the president's daughter. Leon needs to solve several puzzles that he comes across, ranging from simply throwing a switch to more complicated puzzles where timing and order are key. Only when these more complex puzzles are solved can Leon move on to the next area in the game and eventually free himself of the growing infection within.

Chapter 1-3 Graveyard Pedestal

Press the “action button” to activate the pedestal. You are given the option to turn the dial three or four increments at a time to light the symbols on the pedestal.

Highlight a "select three increments" and then "select four increments." Choose three increments twice; then choose four increments.

Turn the dial three increments twice more to light the symbols and open the pedestal. Grab the gem inside. Proceed east to the next area.

Chapter 2-1 Stained Glass Church

Activate the lights on the second floor of the church to begin the puzzle. You must rotate and combine three lights to match the stained glass pattern on the church window.

Pick “R” and the red light will rotate. Pick “R” again for another rotation. Pick “G” three times to rotate the green light into position. Pick “B” once to rotate the blue light.

Choose “Combine” to bring the lights together. A gate will open on the first floor of the church and lead you to Ashley.

Chapter 3-2 Sacrifice of Six

Press the “action button” in front of the four paintings to begin the puzzle. Eight people are depicted. The goal is to get the number down to six.

Select the second switch to rotate the second painting and the two adjacent paintings.

Choose the third switch, then the first switch. Select the fourth switch to complete the puzzle and open the door to the right of the paintings.

Chapter 3-4 Nine Piece Puzzle

Examine the stone puzzle on the wall. There will be eight pieces present, with a ninth piece missing. Move the cursor around the puzzle to select stones for movement.

Highlight and move the center left piece, the bottom left piece, bottom right piece, top right piece and top left piece.

Move the bottom left and then the bottom right piece to solve the puzzle. The bottom right section of the puzzle will be empty.

Examine the puzzle again. Place the stone tablet you acquired earlier in the chapter into the empty space.

Chapter 4-2 Gigante Battle

Move southeast and climb up the ladder to the platform above. Wait for the two Gigantes to move to the platform.

Press the “action button” as soon as the Gigantes grab onto the platform. Leon will slide down the zipline to the opposite end of the area.

Grab onto the lever and wait for one of the Gigantes to reach the center of the area. Press the “action button” to pull the lever and open a pit in the floor and drown the Gigante in lava, dispatching it instantly. You must take care of the other Gigante with your standard weapons.