How to Verify If a Cell Phone Was Intercepted

By Laura Gianino

Updated September 28, 2017

Your cell phone may not be as secure as you think.
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Cell phone calls can easily be intercepted with the latest technology, invading your privacy. Many interception services leave barely a trace of any sort of breach, allowing another party access to your conversations, messages, even your location, without you being the wiser. To verify whether your cell phone has been intercepted, be aware of certain tell-tale indicators.

Take note of your cell phone battery life. Battery life decreases when your phone transmits data. If your cell phone battery seems to be draining at a much faster pace than usual, this could be a sign that your phone has been intercepted.

Notice the warmth of your cell phone. When you're on the phone, your cell phone will heat up because the battery is in use. If you're not using your phone but it is still heating up, this should be a red flag that someone else is connected to your phone.

Pay attention to whether or not your phone lights up when you aren't using it. Sometimes a cell phone interceptor may be causing your phone to act of its own accord without you touching it. If your phone has trouble turning off or continues to stay lighted even after you've shut it off, this may be an indicator that another party is intercepting your phone.

Listen carefully. If you're on the phone and suddenly notice odd background noises, such as unusual static, unexpected beeps or clicking sounds, this may be a sign that your phone has been intercepted. Noises such as persistent buzzing are symptoms of audio interception with certain cell-phone tapping technologies.

Purchase a phone tap detector. Once you have determined all the signs are there, the only way to truly verify your belief that your phone has been intercepted is by using a detecting technology. These small devices will alert you to a third party intruder usually by displaying a warning light and automatically disconnecting the listener. Detectors that may be purchased online include the Tele-Data Guard and the SpyNexus Phone Tap Detector.


To prevent your phone from being intercepted, remove the battery from your phone when it is not in use. Your phone still risks interception when it is turned off, but cannot be tapped without the battery. Phones with Internet access are much more susceptible to interception due to their ease of connectivity. If you are worried about cell phone interception, purchase a cell phone without Internet access.