How to Unlock Cars in "GT Legends"

by Michael LarkinUpdated September 22, 2017
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In "GT Legends," players get behind the wheel of a number of classic and modern cars to race around some of the most famous tracks in Europe. While the game features many cars and tracks, most of the content must be unlocked. This can be accomplished either by playing the game and slowly unlocking new cars and tracks or all at once with a cheat.

Playing the Game

Start a new game and select "Cup Challenge."

Choose your difficulty. Choosing "Semi-pro" or "Professional" nets you much higher rewards than "Beginner" and unlocks content faster, but is more difficult to win.

Win races and challenges. The game awards you a certain number of credits based on your finishes and the difficulty. Drop the difficulty level if you are losing consistently, as winning on a lower difficulty level provides more credits than finishing in a lower place on a higher difficulty. Cars are automatically unlocked as you accumulate credits.

Unlock Cheat

Open the "Notepad" program on your computer.

Click on "File" and then "Save as." Enter "TG2001.DYN" for the file name.

Open the drop-down menu next to "Save as type" and click on "All Files."

Save this blank file to the directory you installed "GT Legends" to. Now any new game you create has all cars and tracks unlocked.


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