Universal Remotes Compatible With U-verse

By Eric Fenton

Updated September 28, 2017

It can sometimes be difficult to find a remote compatible with the U-Verse service.
i tv image by martini from Fotolia.com

AT&T's U-Verse is a television innovation that uses Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to bring channels into your home. UVerse is not cable or satellite, so there are going to be some differences with how your television works with U-Verse. Most cable and satellite customers use a universal remote that controls their television, DVR and cable boxes. The U-Verse box is called a set-top box or STB. U-Verse customers must find a universal remote that is compatible with their STB.

Logitech Universal Remotes

All current Logitech universal remotes are compatible with AT&T U-Verse, including the Logitech Harmony 880 and the Logitech Harmony One. The Harmony 880 retails at $249.99 as of 2010, but can control your TV, DVR and U-Verse STB. The 880 is rechargeable and has a lightweight, sleek design. The Harmony One has a full color touch screen that is backlit. It can control up to 15 components and also retails for $249.99 as of 2010.

AT&T U-Verse Advanced Series A10 Universal Remote

Despite other brands being compatible with U-Verse, programming is the biggest issue with many universal remote owners. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of programming your remote for U-Verse, you can use AT&T's A10 remote, which is made specifically for U-Verse. This remote retails for $59.99 as of 2010.

The Standard Remote Control

If you don't want to shell out a lot of money for your remote, you can opt for the Standard Remote, which is actually a cheap replacement for a lost or damaged AT&T universal remote control. It can only program up to three additional devices, but for $12.99 as of 2010, it's a bargain by comparison. And most importantly, it is compatible with all U-Verse devices.