Free Brain Games for Seniors

By Daniel Moverley

Updated September 22, 2017

Parts of the brain can degrade with age. Playing brain games can decrease this.
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Some seniors suffer from degenerative diseases that affect memory and brain functions. Luckily, there are activities and games that are designed to stimulate the brain and decrease memory loss. Brain games are also fun, keeping seniors entertained and interested. When played over a certain period of time, these games help seniors retain their cognitive abilities for longer. The results are different for each person and are designed as a brain aid rather than a cure for anything.

Word Puzzles

Seniors can benefit from the many word puzzles and games that are available. These word games help retain and even improve vocabulary and assist seniors in maintaining sentence structuring. By trying to recall a word, the brain is stimulated; and just like any other muscle, the more it is stimulated, the better and stronger it becomes. A popular word game for seniors is called Anagramania. In this game, a word will come up on the computer screen, but the letters will be jumbled up. Players have a set amount of time to unscramble the letters and type in the correct word. The time limit decreases with each word.

Crossword puzzles are another great game seniors can use to keep their brains stimulated. Spaces for words are placed horizontally and vertically with some words overlapping and sharing a letter. Clues to decipher these words are usually written off to one side of the puzzle.

Number Games

Number games are also helpful for seniors, as they promote a healthy memory and stimulate regions of the brain that deal with problem solving and logic. One of these games that can be played online for free is called Sumbler. In this game, the screen shows a grid of numbers and a target number at the top. At the bottom is a space for nine numbers that the player can pick from the grid, which will be added together to try to reach the target number at the top. Another game that is also played online and helps with problem solving and hand-eye coordination is called Number Crunch. This game displays a grid of numbers and the object of the game is to click on the numbers in order from highest to lowest as quickly as possible.

Strategy Games

Other mentally stimulating games for seniors are strategy games, including games like minesweeper. Here, the object of the game is to find the hidden mines through the process of elimination. Another popular game is chess, which is a battle strategy game based on medieval characters, where the object is to destroy or capture the opposing King