How to Download & Import Chase Banking Transactions into QuickBooks

By David Roberts

Updated September 28, 2017

Being able to download all banking transactions into QuickBooks saves business owners time.
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One of the features of QuickBooks is the ability to download banking transactions from your bank's website. With this feature, you can download all your banking transactions into QuickBooks. Many banks offer this feature for their small-business account holders. Chase Bank allows downloads for both Quicken and QuickBooks software. The difficulty in using any particular bank for these downloads comes with the many mergers that seem to happen almost every year. In 2009, Washington Mutual Bank was purchased by Chase Bank, and this change caused WAMU customers to have to reconfigure their online-banking settings.

Open the QuickBooks company file. Click on the "Banking" option located in the top menu bar of the home screen. When the menu opens, choose the "Online Banking," and then the "Set Up Account for Online Services." Click the "Select your QuickBooks Account." It is here that you will assign your business checking account to the online Chase Download. Click on "Next."

If you were an account holder from a bank that has been purchased by Chase Bank, and you begin having problems with online-transaction downloads, it is here that you will change from the name of the former bank to Chase Bank.

Choose the "Direct Connection" option, and then click on "Next." In this window, choose the "Yes, my account has been activated for QuickBooks online services," and click on "Next." If your account has not been activated, choose the "Activate Account" option, and follow the prompts to complete this process.

Enter the customer ID, password and then confirm the password you use to access your online account at Chase. Now click on "Sign in." The QuickBooks software will connect to Chase's server and begin downloading the bank data. Click on "Finish" when the download is complete. Your Chase Bank account is now activated and ready for downloading to begin.

Choose which mode you prefer for downloading your banking transactions. The "Side-by-Side" mode is a window that has current QuickBooks account balances on the left side of the screen and your online banking account balances on the right. Choose the "Download Online Accounts" option, and click on "Receive Transactions."

The "Register Mode" displays the registers in both QuickBooks and the Chase Bank account. As the transactions are downloaded, you can see the register in the Chase account transferring information to the QuickBooks register. Which mode you use is unimportant, and you can change modes at any time.

These transactions are imported automatically into the QuickBooks company file, so no further steps are necessary after downloading them.

Choose which method to use to enter transactions. If you are downloading the Chase bank transactions on a regular basis, do not enter any transactions manually. If you download and enter transactions manually, you will duplicate deposits and expenses and will have to delete all duplicated transactions in your QuickBooks software.