How to Install Microsoft Internet Spades

By Carol Finch

Updated September 22, 2017

Microsoft chose not to preinstall games, including Internet Spades, on its Windows 8 operating system. If you want to play Spades on a Windows 8 PC, you must install a third-party app from the Windows Store. If you use Windows 7, Internet Spades is already installed on your PC, but you may need to enable it before you can play.

Installing Spades in Windows 8

The Windows Store doesn't carry the same Internet Spades game that came with earlier operating systems, but it has a range of similar apps to download. Access the store from your Start screen, search for "spades," choose an app and then select "Install, "Buy" or "Try," depending on whether you're installing a free or paid game. The app automatically downloads into your Apps area. Keep in mind, you must log in to your Microsoft account to download from the Windows Store.

Finding Internet Spades in Windows 7

Microsoft may preinstall Internet Spades on Windows 7, but it's not necessarily easy to find and you may need to turn it on before you can play. First, open your "Start" menu, type "games explorer" into the search bar and open the folder when it appears in the results. If you can see Internet Spades, just double-click it to play. If you can't see games in the folder, you must turn them on. Select "Control Panel" from the Start menu and then "Programs." Click "Turn Windows features on and off," select the Games check box and then click "OK." You should now find Internet Spades in the Games Explorer folder.

Multiplayer Spades Options in Windows 8

Although you can install Spades apps on to Windows 8 PCs, you won't get exactly the same multiplayer experience as when you played in earlier operating systems. Spades apps in the Windows Store typically pit you against computer, or AI, opponents. If the thing you liked about the original Microsoft game was chatting with real people, then your best option may be to use online multiplayer Spades games instead of downloading an app.