How to Edit Your Name on Monster Hunter

By Jess Kroll

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation Portable

  • Monster Hunter or Monster Hunter Freedom

  • CWCheat

"Monster Hunter," released in North America and Europe as "Monster Hunter Freedom," is a video game from Capcom for the PlayStation Portable system. The game offers online multiplayer options as well as a single player campaign where players create their own unique characters. No in-game service exists to change a character's name once he or she is created, but you can do so through CWCheat: a free download (with donations accepted) available for the PSP. This constitutes the only method to change a character's name in "Monster Hunter" without restarting the character.

Go to and download CWCheat, then install it on your operating system. You must already have CWCheat downloaded and installed in order to change the name.

Open "Monster Hunter." Load the character whose name you wish to change. Wait for the game to finish loading before using CWCheat or the game may freeze.

Open "CWCheat," usually by pressing the select button down for two or more seconds.

Select "Cheat searcher."

Select "memory editor."

Scroll down until you see your character's name on the right sire, in the ASCII column, of the screen.

Move your cursor to the row and column of the first letter of your character's name.

Press the "X "button to begin editing. Press up and down to change the ASCII value of the letter (for example: "97" is "a" while "65" is "A"). You can see the corresponding letter in the ASCII column on the right.

Press "X" to finish editing that letter. Select the next corresponding number and press "X" to begin editing. Do this for every letter you wish to change.

Press the "O" button three or four times to exit CWCheat.