How to Understand the Sony Blinking Codes

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

When using a Sony television system, you may notice the standby light blinking a specific rythym. This is a signal code that helps programmers know what the problem is, without ever adjusting the television or turning the system on, kind of like Sony's own form of Morse code. If your standby light is blinking a specific rhythm, there is a way to determine what the flashing code means.

Watch the standby blinking light. If it blinks once a second without stopping it means the video path on the television is damaged.

Count the blinks on the TV. If the light blinks twice, stops, then repeats, it means you have a short circuit in the television's power supply.

View the blinking dots. If the light blinks three times, then pauses and repeats, it means your television is receiving too much electricity, which often occurs when using the TV in a different country that has a different electrical outlet type.

Look at the TV. If it blinks five times in a row it means there is a connection problem with the ports on the rear of the television.

Check the blinking lights. If the light blinks eight times it means there is a problem with the audio on the television, often due to an audio input problem.

Watch the blinking light on the TV. If it blinks nine or 10 times it means there is a problem with a connection either on the TV's "G" board (nine blinks) or "D" board (10 blinks). You must replace equipment internally on the television, but this is best left to a professional electronics repair person.


Although there are codes for the TV blinking four, six and seven times, all run a self-diagnostics when the television is turned on, correcting the issue.