How to Create a Free Radius Map

By Danielle Cort

Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you want to know how many restaurants lie within a mile of your hotel, find points of interest within walking distance of a tourist location, or know how many dentists work within 25 miles of your home, a radius map can help you find the answer. A radius map simply draws a circle with a certain radius around a central point. You can draw a radius map very easily, especially with a free online tool that does the work for you.

Go to and select “Radius Around Point” from the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see a map of the world.

Scroll down to “Options” below the map.

Go to the second option under “Input Point” and enter a location into the box next to “Place radius by location name.” You can enter an exact street address or a more general location such as San Francisco, CA. Although the system offers two other options, they are not as easy to use. Unless you know the latitude and longitude, the third option is not useful. Similarly, if you click on the map to find your location (the first option), each click creates a default radius map of 1000 km.

Go to “Radius Distance” above “Input Point.” Enter a radius distance in one of the two boxes to the right of “Radius Distance:” either in kilometers or in miles.

Go to “Colour’s Line Thickness,” “Line Colour” or “Fill Colour.” Select the color line’s thickness, line color and fill color, or leave the default settings as they are if you are satisfied with them.

Click the button “Zoom to Fit Map” and then click the “Draw Radius” button located under the line options. You can also select map height and whether to show the center marker.

Go back up to the map to see the drawn map. If you hover your cursor over the map, you will see a black cross. If you click inside the map, a new circle will appear around the point where you clicked using the radius you entered previously. You can click as many times as you like to create new radius circles. You can click “Clear Map” at any point to start over.


To select a location by using the world map, click on an approximate location first (for example, North America) or enter the location in the Google search box at the bottom left of the map. Refine your location by using the zoom slider and panning buttons on the left side of the map. Every time you click, however, a default radius map will appear. You can ignore these maps until you have refined the location to your liking. Once you have found the location, click on the “Clear Map” button and begin with Step 4.