How to Download "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for the PC

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Between the tenacious Officer Tenpenny, an outstanding supporting cast and a plot twist that rocked players to their core, there's no reason not to return to "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Kept alive by developer Rockstar, players can enjoy the timeless game on PC through Steam.

Valve's Digital Distribution Client

Valve offers "San Andreas" for sale on its store, allowing you to play the game on PC. You're required to play it through the Steam game client, but this means you never have to worry about losing the game; whenever you want to play, you can log in to your account and download it.

Purchasing a Key Through Amazon

Amazon offers "San Andreas" for PC download as well. When you purchase the game through this service, you get a Steam key upon payment. This key can be entered into the Steam client via the "Activate a Product" feature. Activating a key registers the game to your account, which means you can download it at any time on any computer. Make sure you only activate the key on the account you want to have the game.