How to Identify My XBox

By JonathanHuppert

Updated September 22, 2017

You can identify Xbox 360 consoles by their serial numbers, a series of 12 digits that is unique to each console manufactured by Microsoft. These 12-digit serial codes are important to document if you are sending the console in for repairs. You can locate your Xbox 360 console's serial code in a few places in about two minutes.

Turn on the console and wait for the main menu or "Dashboard" to load. Hold the center "Xbox Guide" button until a green LED appears on the controller to turn it on. Move the analog stick to the right and select "System Settings," then press the "A" button. Select "Console Settings" and press "A" again. Select "System Info" and press the "A" button. The system will display your Xbox 360 serial number which identifies the machine.

Unplug all cables and USB devices from the machine if you wish to locate the console's serial number without powering it on. Look on the rear of the machine next to the A/V cable port. The serial code for your Xbox 360 will be printed above the A/V port.

Unplug all USB devices from the front of the machine. Push the small door on the USB ports until it moves and a sticker is visible below it. Your 12-digit identifying Xbox 360 serial number will be printed on this sticker.


The Xbox 360 is identified online by Microsoft's Xbox Live service using a separate code called the "Console ID." This code is different from the serial number and is only used by Microsoft to identify your unique Xbox 360 among other Xbox Live users' consoles. You can access your Xbox 360 console ID via the "System Info" menu under "Console Settings" in the "System Settings" menu of the Dashboard.