How to Download an iPhone Video Onto a Windows PC

by Stephen LilleyUpdated September 28, 2017

If you have recorded a video using your Apple iPhone's built-in camera or downloaded a video file to your device from the Internet, you can get that video onto your computer by syncing your iPhone using Apple's iTunes. A sync in iTunes will transfer all content in your iTunes library that is not on your iPhone to the device's internal storage. It will also transfer all content on your iPhone that does not yet exist on your computer (like your video file) to your computer's main hard drive.

Plug your Apple iPhone in to your Windows PC. Use the iPhone USB cable (which was included in the device's box along with a set of earbuds) that you have been using to sync content from your PC to your device.

Open iTunes. iTunes installs a default program icon on your desktop. Double-click it. If you have deleted this default icon, use the other icon in your "Start" menu.

Click your iPhone's name in the iTunes main window.

Click "Sync." Your iPhone video will be transferred to your Windows PC. It will be available by clicking on the "Movies" button in the main iTunes window.

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