How to Install a Radio Station on ""GTA 3""

By Richard Bonilla

Updated September 22, 2017

i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

"Grand Theft Auto 3" allows players to listen to music stations, with each station providing a distinct music genre. There are nine stations to choose from; however, individuals who own PC versions of the game do have the option of creating their own radio station for the game. Using the "MP3 Station" folder file, users can create their own MP3 tracks to install and play while playing the game.

Press Start on your PC's menu. Click the magnifying glass and enter "GTA 3"

Select and open the "Grand Theft Auto 3" folder.

Use the search bar in the folder window to search for "MP3." The MP3 folder will appear.

Select an MP3 song currently on your computer to drag and drop into the MP3 folder.

Start the game. Enter into a vehicle and select the "MP3 station" to begin hearing your music.