How to Activate Your TracFone

By Jessica Hughey

Updated September 28, 2017

Two ways to activate your TracFone
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TracFone is a well-known prepaid cell phone provider. The task of activating a new cell phone may seem daunting to some, but, fortunately, the TracFone website provides everything you need to activate your new TracFone quickly and easily, online. By visiting their website and following the easy directions, your phone will be activated and ready to use in 24 hours or less. If a lack of Internet access is a problem, a quick call to TracFone's customer service department will allow you to activate your TracFone over the telephone.

Activating Your TracFone Online

Open your Internet browser and navigate to TracFone's website (see Resources). Click on the green button that reads "Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime" in the right column of the page. On the next page, click on the blue button that reads "Activate/Reactivate Phone" in the top menu.

Choose whether you would like to activate your TracFone with a brand new number, transfer an existing TracFone number to your new phone or transfer a number from another cell phone service provider to TracFone. In the next section, click on the picture that most closely resembles your new TracFone and click the "Submit" button.

On the next page, if you are not already registered with TracFone, click on the "Register" button under "New Online Customer." Fill out all the required personal information and your TracFone serial number, which can be found on the red activation card in your TracFone package or in your phone's "Prepaid" menu. Click "Submit." If you are already registered with TracFone's website, just sign in with your user ID or email address and password, then click the "Sign In" button. Enter your phone's serial number and click on "Submit." After a short delay, the web page will refresh and your new phone will be activated.


During the registration process, you may be asked for your TracFone's serial number. Click on the Help link next to the serial number field for help in finding your TracFone's serial number. Before activating your phone, it will be necessary to fully charge the battery. Plug in the charger and wait at least two hours before beginning the activation process to ensure that the phone is fully charged. If you experience problems during the activation process, call TracFone customer service department at 1-800-867-7183.


If you choose to transfer a number from another cell phone provider, TracFone will create a ticket to initiate the process of contacting the other carrier and transferring the number. This may take longer than activating your TracFone with a new number. Before you begin, make sure your phone is ready for activation by ensuring the battery is installed and fully charged, the phone is powered on and that the SIM card is installed and seated fully and correctly. Also, check the backlight that lights up the phone's display screen to make sure it is turned up.