How to Update the Posting Date in a Craigslist Advertisement

By Amy Davidson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

You will need a computer with an Internet connection to access Craigslist.
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If you have had an ad on Craigslist for a while, it might have dropped low on the list that viewers see. Because the ads are filtered by date, starting with the most recent, you can repost it to move it higher. Ads will stay up for 45 days before expiring. There are a few ways you can update your posting.

From the Email

Log in to your email account that you registered in connection with your posting. Select the email that was sent to you with the original posting, the one that allows you to edit and add to your posting, and select “Delete.” Select “Delete” once again when the email prompts your posting to come up.

Type in the Craigslist page where you originally made your posting for your area. If you are unsure of your area, go to the Craigslist main page (See Resources) and find your area.

Click “Post to Classifieds” from the main page of your area’s Craigslist. It is located at the top left of the page, under the Craigslist logo. Select the kind of ad and fill out the form as you did before with your previous ad and submit. You will receive an email that allows you to access your ad. Open this email, select “Publish” and your ad posts with the current date.

From Your Account

Open the main page of the Craigslist that pertains to your area and select “My Account.” It is in the list at the upper-left corner of the page, under the Craigslist logo.

Select from the account menu your postings and click on the posting title that you wish to update. Select “Repost This Posting” in the screen that opens containing your post and editing options. Locate the category your posting goes in (for example, "Housing," "Free Stuff" or "For Sale") and click.

Make any changes you need to make, such as adding a new picture or changing the title of the ad, then select “Continue.” Select “Continue” once more from the ad preview page and your ad reposts with the current date.