How to Turn Off Write Protection in Autocad 2007

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 15, 2017

If you cannot save over a file in AutoCAD 2007 because of "write protection," this means the file in question can only be read and not written to. This is to prevent people from being able to make unnecessary or unauthorized changes to the file's contents. If you want to turn off the write protection and save over a file using AutoCAD 2007, you're going to have to adjust the settings not of the program, but of the file itself.

Close AutoCAD 2007. To disable the write protection on the file you're working with, the file can't currently be being accessed by the AutoCAD 2007 software.

Locate the original file on your hard drive. If you know exactly which folder it is stored in, navigate to that folder. If you don't know the folder location but you know the name, click "Start" and type its name into the "Search" box.

Right-click on the file you were working with in AutoCAD 2007. Click "Properties."

Clear the "Read Only" check box and click "Apply." Write protection will now be turned off on the file, and you can save to the file with AutoCAD 2007.