How to Make an Invoice on a Mac

By Sara Davis

Updated September 28, 2017

An invoice lists expenses and a final amount due. It can be created several different ways.
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Creating an invoice is a matter of putting together a document listing expenses and the amount due as a result. While no special program is required for producing an invoice on a Mac computer, there are several different ways to easily produce a good invoice.

Creating Your Own Invoice

Design your invoice. Look up some examples of invoices and choose what program you'd like to use for the most ease in putting together your invoice. The most commonly used program to create an invoice is Microsoft Excel, although Microsoft Word is also an option for those not comfortable with Excel documents.

Create an invoice template that can be re-used. Regardless of whether you will be creating many more invoices in the future, it would be foolish to design a template for only one use. Leave open fields for each important section of your invoice.

Insert important information into each field. Basics that are essential to include are: the name and address of the company to which you are sending the invoice, the date, the number of the invoice (begin with 001), the list of fees, and the final sum. Add to these as needed.

Check your invoice. Make sure it is clear, easy to read, and contains all of the necessary information.

Save your invoice with the title of the company it will be sent to and its number. For instance, "ABC001." Save a copy of every invoice you send out for your own records.

Creating an Invoice Using a Pre-Made Template

Choose a free, pre-made, downloadable template. These are easy to find. An example of several free templates can be found at

Insert the necessary information into the available fields.

Check your math. Make sure that while inserting information into the template's fields, you did not make any mechanical errors.

Save a copy of your template and number it. Always keep a copy of your invoice for your own records.