How to Use Your Gamepad for "Prince of Persia" on the PC

By Caleb Schulte

Updated September 22, 2017

"Prince of Persia" is an action game franchise that has survived many different generations of gaming systems. As of October 2010, the current franchise is being produced by UbiSoft. With the 2008 remake of the series, UbiSoft brought the Prince and his adventures onto the latest generation of gaming consoles, which upon its release was the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and of course, where his adventures all began, the PC. To play "Prince of Persia" on the PC, you do not need to utilize the keyboard and mouse. A gamepad may be used instead.

Connect your PC gamepad. The gamepad must be a current generation gamepad, which should consist of a directional button, two joysticks, four buttons on the face and four “shoulder” buttons on the top. The gamepad should have a USB interface, which can be plugged into any open USB port on the front or back of your PC. Once connected, your PC will automatically recognize the device type and install the necessary drivers to make it operational.

Start the "Prince of Persia" game. Once the game is started, wait until the main menu screen pops up and click the “Options” menu.

Configure your buttons. While in the Options menu, click “Controls,” which will bring up the pre-assigned buttons and their functions. An option to assign the functions to your gamepad will be present. Click this option to bring up a picture of your gamepad. Assign the various functions to the buttons that work best for you on your gamepad by choosing a button and scrolling through the various functions. All of the functions may not utilize every button on your gamepad.


If your computer does not automatically recognize the gamepad, install the necessary drivers manually. Included in the packaging of the gamepad, there will be a driver disc. Insert this disc into your disc drive and complete the steps to install the driver. If you do not have the disc, log on to the gamepad's company website. Search for an option for downloading drivers and look for your gamepad in the listing. Download the driver, which should pull up an automatic walk-through to install it on your computer.