How to Save the Game in "LEGO Star Wars"

by Alexander PoirierUpdated September 22, 2017

"LEGO Star Wars" is platforming video game that combines the LEGO and "Star Wars" universes. Players can control hundreds of "Star Wars" characters as they play through the first three episodes of the "Star Wars" saga. The game has an autosave feature that saves automatically after you complete a mission, create a character or make a purchase. The feature is useful since you don't have to remember to save your progress.

Autosaving after a Mission

Select a mission from the Cantina menu and begin playing.

Follow the mission prompts until you finish the mission. The game will automatically save your progress once the mission is completed. If you quit the mission, any unsaved progress will be deleted.

Select a new mission or turn off the system after the autosave icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen stops blinking.

Autosaving after Creating a Character

Click on the "Create a Character" option from the Cantina menu.

Create a new character. Select the head, torso and legs for the character.

Press the "Confirm" button to confirm the new character. The game will now autosave.

Autosaving after Making a Purchase

Click on the "Shop" option from the Cantina menu.

Purchase an item from the Cantina shop.

Press the "Confirm" button to finish your purchase. After the purchase, the game will autosave.


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