How to Reset the Password on a TracFone LG

by Kenyonda Bradley Updated September 28, 2017
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TracFone is a leading prepaid phone manufacturer that carriers a variety of LG phones. Many of them come equipped with a lock feature. Locking your device prevents anyone that does not have the password from gaining entry into your phone. In the event that you want to sell your LG TracFone or you just want to change the security code on your device, you must reset the password.

Press the “Menu” key on your LG TracFone.

Select the number that corresponds to the “Settings” menu.

Select the number that corresponds to “Reset Default” or “Change Lock Code” and press the “OK” key.

Enter your new security code, if you want to change your password and press the “OK” key. Re-enter your password, if prompted to do so.


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