Problems With the PSP Analog Stick

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

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Located on the left side of the PSP, the analog stick's primary function centers on controlling movement. If the analog stick becomes hampered by problems, either physically and with the PSP software, it can prevent you from making it to the final boss of your favorite game or even access simple movie files. Fix the problems associated with the analog stick and jump right back into your gaming.

Stuck Stick

There may come a time when you cannot move your analog stick in a particular direction or when you do it does not return to the center position when you remove your thumb. The cause of this issue involves debris under the stick. Power off your console and push the stick in any direction it will move completely forward in. Look at the crevice under the stick and see whether there is anything inside. Rotate the stick clockwise slowly and keep looking in the crevice for debris. When you spot debris, you can remove it with tweezers or a blast of canned air.

Ghost Movement

Ghost movement occurs when your character in a PSP game continues to move in one direction even though you have released the analog stick. This problem happens as a result of a software issue with the analog stick settings. To fix this problem, exit your game on the PSP and use the directional pad to scroll to “Settings” on the cross media bar and then down to “System Settings.” Press “X” then select “System Information” and press “X.” Rotate the analog stick clockwise for 30 seconds to recalibrate the stick. Press “Circle” to return to the Cross Media Bar and restart the game.

Analog Stick Pad

The pad of the analog stick can cause both cosmetic problems to the PSP and finger problems. Your left thumb covers the pad and directs the stick to perform on-screen movement. The pad itself, however, features a ridged, wafflelike pattern that causes dirt to build up along the crevices of the ridges. This can turn a any color analog stick black with too much buildup. You can clear out the dirt my scratching at the ridges with your fingernail or a toothpick. The ridges can also cause blisters during a long gaming session. To negate blisters and dirt buildup, place a circular sticker or piece of tape over the pad to smooth out the surface.