How to Trace the IP Address of a Skype Call

By Susan Reynolds

Updated September 28, 2017

Skype is a free telecommunications program.
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Skype is a computer program that allows users to make and receive calls over an Internet connection. To call someone else who also has Skype, you need to actually call the server. The Skype program connects with the IP address of the other person. You can trace the IP address of someone who also has Skype using a utility called the "Command Prompt." If you want to send a file to the Skype contact over FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you will need to find out the other person's IP address.

Log onto the computer as the "Administrator." Go to "Start" > "Search."

Enter "cmd" into the "Search" box. Press "Enter."

Go to "Start" > "Programs" > "Skype."

Click "Contacts" and then click on the name of a contact on the menu.

Click "Call" and wait until the other person answers. If he does not answer, try again at another time, because he must accept the call for you to get his IP address.

Go back to your "Command Prompt" window. Type "netstat -nb" and press "Enter."

Look for "Skype" on the list of running programs. Write down the IP address listed next to it. This is your Skype contact's IP address.