Homemade Cell Phone Antenna Booster

by Palmer OwyoungUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Garbage twist ties

  • Old radio antenna

  • Clay

  • Electrical tape

Cell phones allow us to make phone calls from most places in the world, but from time to time you may get poor reception for a variety of reasons. This can include the distance you are from the cell phone tower, interference from buildings, or even sun spots. If you would like to improve the reception of your phone, then there are a few homemade solutions that will boost your reception by two or three bars of signal strength.

Garbage twist ties

Take three metal twist ties that come with sandwich or garbage bags and twist them together so that they become one piece.

Take this single tie and wrap it around the antenna of your phone. If you don't have an antenna then simply place it on the back of the phone about midway up.

Cut a thumb-sized piece of electrical tape and tape the ties into place.

Turn your cell phone on and check the reception bars. You should see an increase of about two to three bars.

Radio antenna

Break off the antenna at the base from an old radio that you do not need. Stick the antenna into a clay base that will allow it to stand straight up.

Cut a piece of electrical tape and tape a three-foot piece of insulated copper wiring to the base of the antenna.

Wrap the other end of the copper wiring around the antenna of the cell phone or tape it to the back of phone near the top.

Turn the phone on and check the reception. You will see an increase of two or three bars.


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