How to Send a Text From an Unknown Number

By Rachael Lingerfelt

Updated September 28, 2017

Sending a text message from an unknown number is a simple process if you send it from your email address.
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There are several options for sending text messages from an unknown number. You may do a web search for online services that will send texts from their websites so that the recipient will not know the number that the text is being sent from. Instead of having to search the web, an easier option is to send a text message from your email address to the recipient's cell phone carrier's portal which is completely free for you to use. To do this, you will need a personal email account and you will need to know who the recipient's cell phone carrier is. If you do not know this, you can do a search for one of the many websites that will make provide this information for you.

Open your Internet browser on your computer or cell phone.

Log in to your email account.

Open the page to compose a new message.

Type your text message in the message part of the composition page. Remember that most text messages cannot exceed 160 characters, so try to keep your message brief.

Type the recipient's 10-digit phone number followed by the recipient's cell phone provider's text message address portal in the recipient address bar. Your finished address will look something like ""


While emailing a text message is a free service for you to use, the recipient may be charged standard text messaging rates depending on their plan. You may find a cell phone's carrier by visiting There are also many other online finders for cell phone carriers. Some of the cell phone carrier's text message email portals are: Verizon: Former AT&T customers: Sprint: T-Mobile: Nextel: Cingular: Virgin Mobile: Alltel: OR CellularOne: Omnipoint: Qwest: