How to Hide Nameplates in "World of Warcraft"

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

Nameplates in "World of Warcraft" are a double-edged sword, displaying information like a character or NPC's name and guild/faction affiliation, but also taking up space on the screen. Disabling nameplates helps with immersion during roleplay, and keeps the screen from getting cluttered in crowded areas. There are two types of plates that can be disabled: one displaying enemy health and spellcasting, and one for all name text over players and NPCs alike.

Enemy Nameplates

Enemy nameplates appear directly over their heads, displaying their health, whether they're a threat to you and if they're casting a spell. These nameplates are useful in some situations, but intrusive at other times. To disable them, press the "V" key. You can use this key to toggle the nameplates on and off at your discretion.

All Nameplates

To disable all nameplates, including the pale blue text that floats over every friendly player's head, you need to change the interface settings. Press "Esc" and select "Interface" from the menu, followed by "Names." You'll be presented with a list of options you can check or un-check, including guild names, titles, and the names of friendly and hostile players and their pets. Un-check everything you don't want to see, then click "Okay."