How to Make a Macro in "Call of Duty 4"

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

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Using a macro online in "Call of Duty 4" will increase the firing speed of any gun. A macro is a scripted event for doing multiple jobs. So in the case of "Call of Duty 4," you can make a firing macro so that will, with one mouse click, fire multiple times at a much faster speed than you normally would. There are two options on how to do this, one by using macro editing programs and one using installed mouse software to create a macro.

Macro Editing Program

Download and install a macro-making programs program, such as AutoHotKey. This program will allow you to edit scripts for certain keys. There are other such programs, including Work Space Macro Recorder, Quick Macros, Macro Expert, and Macro Wizard. They all function in the same manner of scripting a single mouse or keyboard key to perform multiple functions.

Find the file called "AutoHotKey" (or other macro making program) in the My Documents or Documents folder. Right-click this file and click the "Edit Script" option. Paste the script into the window and save the file. You can find more complex scripts elsewhere, but this is a simple version:

Ins::Suspend LButton:: Loop { SetMouseDelay 30 Click If (GetKeyState("LButton","P")=0) Break }

Save the script and exit the file completely. Double-click the file or right-click and select "Run Script." Next time you load "Call of Duty 4," all of your shots will be rapid fire.

Disable the script after playing by fully exiting the AutoHotKey program from the system tray. Right-click the icon for the program and click "Exit."

Mouse Software Macro

Install the gaming mouse software onto your computer. Create a new macro from the macro screen in your mouse's program options. Find these options by going to the "Start" menu, select the "Programs" list, and locating the installed mouse software. When the macro creation screen appears, click off the "Start recording" option.

Copy and paste this macro into the events list of your new macro three or more times based on how many times you wish it to fire:

Left mouse down Create delay(tenms) Left mouse up Create delay(15ms)

Save the macro. Load it whenever you play "Call of Duty 4." This macro will allow you to shoot as fast as your frame rate will allow.