How to Make a Nose Smaller With an Online Editor

By Debbie Lamb

Updated September 22, 2017

An online editor can shrink the size of a nose.
i Human nose macro shot image by Gleb Semenjuk from

A few simple clicks and a nose appears smaller, without a bit of pain. While this may sound to be good to be true, it can be easily done through photo editing. While not everyone has expensive photo-editing software, most everyone has access to the Internet. With an online editor you can shrink a nose discreetly enough to make the photo appear untouched. Best of all, online nose jobs are free.

Select and open an online photo editor (see Resources). Many online editors do not require a download. In order to use some online editors, such as Photobucket, you must register with a login name and password. Once you have registered you will be able to use the online editor at any time.

Upload your digital image. Browse to open an image saved on your computer. Some online editors will allow you to import a photo from your image hosting website, such as Facebook or Flickr.

Enlarge the image, if necessary, to clearly see the nose. The enlarging tool can be used to zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the photo, and to zoom out, returning the image to its original size. Zooming in or out in your image will give you perspective on the entire image and let you see if you have made the nose small enough.

Choose the distort function. This will place you a circle or a box on your image, indicating the area that will be distorted. Move the distort tool to cover the nose.

Choose to distort using the “pinch” option. Pinch works by compressing the pixels inward and making the nose look smaller.

Control the size of the pinch. This refers to the size of the area on the image that you wish to pinch. Slide the size option left for smaller and right for larger. Make sure the selection indication area is around only the nose, and not the eyes or mouth.

Control the amount of pinch. The amount of pinch refers to the extent of pinching. Slide the amount option left for weak and right for strong. It is advisable to use a weak amount of pinch several times rather than a strong amount. You can always undo the last command if the nose looks too pinched. The preview area will let you see how much pinch you use.

Zoom out the image with the enlarging tool so that you can see the whole face. Ensure that the nose has a good proportion.

Click on “Done” when you are satisfied with the smaller nose. This will lock in the adjustments you have made to the image.

Save the file. Different file extension options are offered at this time.


Click the “Undo” button at any point in the process if you have made a mistake while editing the nose.


Avoid using the distortion tool too much on the nose, unless you purposely want a strange or unusual look.