How to Clear Memory From a Canon Fax Machine

By Mary Jo Megginson

Updated September 28, 2017

Clear the memory on your fax machine to start sending faxes again.
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While not as popular as they were before the Internet became a principal means of business communication, fax machines are still an essential item in many offices. They are particularly useful on business documents when a signature is needed. Canon makes a number of fax machines that use both ink-jet and laser technology to receive and print documents. Most fax machines store incoming faxes in memory so you can reprint them, but occasionally the memory becomes full resulting in an error message. Your Canon fax machine's memory can be cleared quickly and easily so you can start using it again.

Click the "Menu" button.

Press the arrow buttons to scroll through the options on the screen. Select "MEMORY REFERENCE" and click "Start/Copy."

Use the arrow buttons to choose "DEL. PRINTED RX" then click "Start" again.

Press "*" to select the "Yes" option from the screen. This will delete all documents from the fax machine's memory.

Click "Stop" to finish.


To clear only some documents from memory, click "#" instead of "*" in Step 4. Follow the instructions to select the documents you wish to delete.


This method of clearing memory is for the Canon inkjet fax machine models FAX-JX200 and JX210P. Different models may have slightly different button names or menu titles.