How to Program Sharp Aquos Remotes

by Curtis PorterUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Sharp Aquos lcd television (LC42D6DU or similar model)

  • Sharp Aquos remote control

  • Sony DVD player

Programming a Sharp Aquos remote is not a daunting task. The remote control functions are easily readable and programming with the available device codes is a snap. Make sure when a Sharp Aquos television is purchased that the remote control is a universal remote as some models don't have universal device programming capability. Device programming can be accomplished in four easy steps. For this tutorial programming of a Sony DVD player will be performed.

Prepare your equipment for programming by making sure all audio visual equipment has be connected correctly to the television.

Power on the Sony DVD player.

Point the Sharp Aquos remote control directly at the Sony DVD player.

Press the "Function" button on the remote until the LED lights under the component to be programmed.

Press "FUNCTION" and "DISPLAY" at the same time to enter the device code mode. The "LED" under the device will blink once.

Enter "05" using the number keypad. This number is one of two for Sony DVD's. "25" would be an alternate code to use. Codes for devices can be found in the owners manual.

The programming was successful if the "LED" stops blinking (remain lit) and then turn off. If programming was unsuccessful the "LED" will blink quickly then turn off.

Repeat steps four thru eight for other devices.


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