Anti-Smoking Games for Kids

By Tasha Swearingen

Updated September 22, 2017

Games can teach kids the dangers of smoking cigarettes.
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Individuals who begin smoking while they are young are more likely to develop cancers related to smoking, since they will have been smoking a large number of years by the time they are middle aged, according to the National Cancer Institute. While they know smoking isn't healthy, many times, kids simply are unaware of just how dangerous smoking is. Anti-smoking games can help teach kids about some of these dangers.

"Toxic Cloud Burst"

Secondhand smoke is the smoke that permeates the air from cigarettes as someone smokes. Even if you don't smoke, you can feel the effects of nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes just by being around someone who smokes, states the American Cancer Society. In this free, online game from Kats (Kids Against Tobacco Smoking), there's been too much secondhand smoke in the atmosphere and kids must try to get rid of it. Kids will use the arrow keys to move a space machine across the floor, shooting 30 bullets at 25 smoke clouds. Some of the clouds move faster than others, so kids must pay careful attention before just shooting off their bullets. If they can get all 25 clouds, they'll save this imaginary planet from being overrun by tobacco smoke.

"Smokes And Ladders"

Kids who are knowledgeable about tobacco smoke will have a chance to put their knowledge to the test in this free, online game from In addition, those who aren't too familiar with the harmful effects of tobacco smoke can learn many things from this game. Up to four kids can play this game at one time. Similar to the game "Chutes and Ladders," kids will roll a die (by clicking "roll the die"), then their marker will move forward that many spaces. Sometimes when they land, kids will have to answer a question. If they're right, they'll take another turn; if not, play moves to the next player. When they land on a ladder, they move up on the board, but if they land on a cigarette, they move down and just continue playing.

"Bonko's Body Quiz"

Cigarettes can cause a lot of internal damage to the body. In this free, online game from PBS Kids, kids will see the harm done to a cartoon character named Bonko, then they'll get to answer questions about smoking to score points on the health-o-meter. Questions pertain to things such as the ingredients found in cigarettes, as well as some of the physical effects of smoking, such as poor circulation. Each time they play, kids will have different questions to answer, but all questions are useful in helping kids understand how bad cigarettes are not just for themselves but also for those around them.