How to Sync My Wii Controller With My Wireless Sensor Bar

By Brenton Shields

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii uses motion controls in lieu of traditional game pads.
i Wii image by Lidka from

The Nintendo Wii is renowned for its unique motion controls that sync wirelessly to a sensor bar connected to the Nintendo Wii console, allowing users to play games by moving around rather than by just pressing buttons. Before you can play the Wii, though, you need to first attach the sensor bar to the top of your television set using either tape or Velcro strips and then sync the controller to it.

Power on your Wii console and wait for the "Home" screen to appear, then press any button to continue on. If nothing happens, check the batteries in the Wii controller and try again. You should be brought to a screen with four windows at the bottom, each displaying a Wii remote and four lights underneath. If the lights are blinking, you need to sync the controller.

Open the small panel on the Nintendo Wii right below the disc slot, where you should see a small red button. Press this button to allow the Wii to begin sending out signals looking for a Wii remote.

Open the battery panel of the Wii controller and press the small red button underneath, then put the panel back on. Watch the screen: if the first three lights stop blinking while the fourth remains solid blue, then your Wii controller is synced with your console.

Place the Wii controller on a flat surface pointing toward the motion bar to allow the bar to calibrate the controller's movement. Once the calibration is done, a "Complete" sign will pop up on your screen and the tiny Wii controller on the screen will stop spinning. You can now press "A" and start playing your Wii.