My iPhone Won't Come Out of Silent

By KR Knowlin

Updated September 28, 2017

Having an iPhone that won't come out of silent mode will keep you from hearing alerts and receiving calls, mail and text notifications. If you depend on your iPhone for any amount of daily communication, troubleshoot the sound issues that cause your device not to function properly. It could be something as simple as turning off the "Silent" switch, or you may need to reboot your device.

Flip the "Ring/Silent" switch on the side of the device upward so that the orange shading isn't visible.

Open your "Settings" menu on the Home screen. Tap the "Sounds" tab, then drag the "Ring" slider all the way to the right. Make sure all of the switches under the slider are set to the "On" position.

Restart your iPhone. Hold down the "On/Off/Sleep/Wake" button until the red "Slide to Power Off" prompt bar appears. Slide your finger across the prompt. The iPhone will turn off. Press and hold the "On/Off/Sleep/Wake" button again until the Apple logo appears to turn the device back on.

Reset the iPhone. Press and hold the "On/Off/Sleep/Wake" button and the "Home" button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.


Restore your iPhone to its original default settings if other troubleshooting options don't work. Connect iPhone to your iTunes and click the "Restore" button on the iTunes sync summary page.