How to Sync a Remote

By Peyton Brookes

Updated September 22, 2017

Some remotes work with software to synchronize devices.
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Controlling your entire home theater system using one remote offers a convenient option for lazy days on the couch. Most remotes require the entry of a code specific to each entertainment component for proper synchronization. Several remote control manufacturers provide an online tool for synchronizing the device with other electronics. On the other hand, some remotes require that you manually enter the corresponding codes. Syncing a remote control is a simple process that requires minimal preparation.

Syncing a Universal Remote Online

Write down the manufacturer and model numbers of the devices with which you would like to sync.

Insert the USB cord into the remote and computer. Wait for the computer to recognize the remote control.

Open the Internet browser and go to the remote manufacturer's configuration website. Complete the online registration process by providing your contact information, a username and a password. Install any required software to your computer.

Enter the manufacturer and model numbers for each of the devices you will synchronize. Complete any remaining instructions and unplug the remote from the computer.

Press the remote control buttons to ensure the devices are properly synchronized.

Manual Code Synchronization

Turn on the device you wish to synchronize and press the "TV" button on the remote.

Enter the three- or five-digit code for the device you are programming.

Press the "Power" button on the remote to ensure the device is working. Turn the device back on and test the other remote buttons.