How to Connect Wii Rock Band

By Douglas Quaid

Updated September 22, 2017

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The Nintendo Wii is a perfect system for playing party games with your friends, and few games tap its potential like "Rock Band." The "Rock Band" game set includes a wireless guitar and drum set as well as a USB microphone. The game requires some initial setup and assembly, but everything you need is included in the set.

Turn on your Wii and one Wiimote, and insert the "Rock Band" game disc. Click the "Rock Band" icon to perform a system update that will allow you to play "Rock Band." When it's finished, start the game.

Attach the headstock to the body of the guitar. It should snap into place.

Open the battery case on the back of the guitar and insert the three AA batteries included with the "Rock Band" game set. Attach the guitar strap to the pegs on the body of the guitar. Flip the switch on the back of the guitar to "On."

Connect the white USB dongle to one of the USB ports on the Wii. This is the wireless receiver for the guitar. Press and hold the guitar icon button on the face of the guitar until it turns blue. Press and hold the sync button on the USB dongle while simultaneously holding the white sync button on the guitar, located on the "jack," exactly where you would plug in an instrument cable on a real guitar. The Wii has recognized the guitar when the blinking lights on the guitar and dongle have turned solid blue.

Plug the mic into one of the open USB ports on the Wii.

Set the black feet for the drum set on the floor, and connect them using the two support rods. Slide the legs of the drum set into the holes in the feet, and set the legs to an equal height using the latches on the sides of the legs. Fit the drum set in place onto the legs and lock the drums in place with the latches on the back.

Open the battery case on the rear of the drums and insert the included batteries. Flip the switch near the battery case to "On."

Set the kick pedal on the support bars of the base and plug it into the orange jack on the drum set.

Plug the USB dongle for the drums into a USB port on the Wii. Syncing the drums with the Wii is similar to syncing the guitar. On the drums, press the large drum icon button until it flashes blue. Then press and hold the sync button on the dongle while holding the small grey sync button near the center control panel of the drum pad.