How to Import Music to an iPhone

by Neil KapitUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • iPhone

  • Computer

  • iTunes

  • Music files - MP3 or AAC format

  • USB Cable

One of the many features that distinguishes the iPhone from conventional cell phones is its ability to play music. Apple's popular smart phone can easily import music files from a computer into its own memory and become a portable MP3 player. The ease with which the iPhone can receive and store music is a testament to Apple's characteristic user-friendliness.

Open the iTunes application. This will display all the compatible music files on your computer.

From the file menu select "New Playlist". Drag all of the desired music files into the new playlist folder.

Connect your iPhone to a compatible USB cable and connect the USB cable to the computer.

When the iPhone has connected, select its icon in the devices window. If this is the first time you have connected your iPhone, the Setup Assistant will open. Give the device a name and click " Done ".

From the file menu, select "Import Playlist". This will sync the devices and transfer the desired music to your iPhone.

When the iPhone has finished importing, find it on list of devices and click the "Eject" button on the screen. When the device lets you know that it is safe, disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

Music files for your iPhone can also be aquired by inserting a disc into the disc drive and clicking "Import CD" in your iTunes application.


You may go back to Setup Assistant at any point to select preferences to automatically import music files to your iPhone upon connection.


Disconnecting the iPhone from the computer without first ejecting the device may corrupt the data and render it unusable.

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