How to Update Cell Phone Reception

By David Cavalier

Updated September 28, 2017

Improve your cell phone reception in a few steps.
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If it seems like everyone else has better cell phone reception than you do, it may be time to update your cell phone. No matter who your service provider is, your cell phone will need to be updated occasionally to get optimum reception. The introduction of smartphones has eliminated the need for customers to force updates for cell tower signals, but not everyone has a smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, you can try some steps to update your cell phone reception.

Dial *228 for Verizon customers. This will direct you to a menu option to update your cell tower list on your phone.

Choose option "00" for the original tower signals. Option "99" will force a secondary tower update. This will take a few minutes to update.

Connect your cell phone to the USB cable that came with it. Smartphones must be updated through the Internet.

Select the "Update" option. It will take a few minutes to update all software. The software update also includes updating the cell tower signals.

Call your carrier's customer service phone number to have the update pushed to your phone. The representative will be able to send your phone an updated cell tower list.

Turn off your cell phone and re-boot once the update is complete.


Your cell phone should be updated periodically to optimize reception. Your phone will not recognize cell tower signals if the tower has not been added to your cell tower list.