How to Blend & Edit Photos

By Angela Neal

Updated September 22, 2017

If you want to make two separate photographs appear as if they are part of one photograph, you will need to blend the two together with a photo editing program. Blending photos allows you to create works of digital art, or just to enhance a photograph with another one. You don't even need to buy an expensive photo editing program, as there are free programs available for download that have what you need to blend photos effectively.

Open an advanced photo editing program on your computer that has the functions that you need to blend photographs, like GIMP (, Paint.NET ( or Photo Scape ( Open the two or more photos into the program that you would like to merge together.

Click on the photo that you would like to place over the first photo and go to "Edit", "Copy". If you only want to merge a section of the photo with the other photo, select the "Lasso" or "Magic Wand" tool and click on the area of the photo to select it. You could also use the "Rectangular Selection" tool if the area you want to select has 90-degree angles.

Go to the photo the other photo and click on "Edit" and then "Paste as new layer" or "Paste as selection." Pasting as a new layer will center the photo over the other, and pasting as a selection will allow you to move the area around to a different spot.

Click on "Layers" and then "Properties" in the top menu. Select a blending mode and an opacity (the higher the number on the scale, the more opaque the layer is) and look at the preview of the photo to see if it is what you want. Click "OK". If you pasted a selection, select to the "Eraser" tool and set the opacity to a low number, like "10" and click on the edges to make them blend into the photo behind it.

Click back and forth between the layers and edit the lightness, contrast and color color levels to make the photos match and look as though the blend is actually one picture instead of two pictures merged together. Save your new blended photo when you are satisfied with it.