Nintendo Wii Remote Instructions

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

The slim, rectangular Nintendo Wii remote controller may look nondescript, but it's a versatile tool. Once the Wii remote is synced to your Wii console, it communicates with a sensor bar that rests atop your television and registers the controller's movements. Some Wii games require the Nunchuk attachment, which also comes packaged with the console. The remote can also be used with other accessories, such as a driving wheel for racing games like "Mario Kart Wii," and guitars and drums for "Rock Band" and other rhythm games. Each game's manual will explain precisely how to use the Wii remote, but some motions and button assignments are universal.

Syncing With the Wii Console

Remove the battery cover from the back of the Wii remote. Insert two AA batteries, but do not replace the cover.

Turn on your Wii console. Open the door to the SD memory card slot, which is located on the front of the Wii.

Press the red "Sync" button near the memory card slot on the console, then press the small red "Sync" button in the battery compartment of the Wii remote.

Wait for the blue lights on the front of Wii remote to stop blinking. One light will remain lit, indicating the player number for that Wii remote. Replace the battery cover.

Using the Wii Remote

Place the wrist strap of the Wii remote on the wrist of your dominant hand. Open the clasp to tighten the strap enough so that your hand won't slip through, then close the clasp.

Stand directly in front of the television, between three and eight feet away from the Wii's sensor bar.

Grasp the Wii remote and point it at the screen. Press the "A" button to select a game or menu option and the "B" button—the trigger located on the back of the Wii remote—to return to the prior screen.

Press the house button in the center of the Wii remote to return to the Wii menu screen.

Attach the cord for the Nunchuk accessory to the base of the Wii remote when prompted to do so in a game. Hold the Nunchuk in your other hand. Attach the classic controller, which is used to play GameCube and Virtual Console games, in the same location.