How to Fix a PSP Analog Stick Drifting Problem

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

All three-dimensional movement on your PSP is handled by the analog stick located on the bottom left side of the console. You may notice when you are playing a game that after you release the analog stick your character continues to walk in a set direction or the menu continues to cycle though options. When this occurs you will need to calibrate the analog stick from the PSP cross media bar. The calibration will reset the stick and prevent unwanted movement on the screen.

Press the “Home” button the PSP as soon as the game exhibits symptoms of movement with use of the analog stick.

Highlight “Yes” under the question “Do you want to quit the game” and press “X.” You will be taken to the PSP's cross media bar.

Press “Left” on the directional pad until you reach the “Settings” heading. Press “Down” on the directional pad and highlight “System Settings” then press “X.”

Scroll down the “System Settings” menu to “System Information” and press “X.” A display with the headings “System Software,” “Nickname” and "MAC Address" will appear.

Push the analog stick upwards until it stops. Rotate the stick clockwise 20 times. This will recalibrate the analog stick.

Press “Circle” to return to the cross media bar. Scroll to the “Game” heading and then down to your game disc and press “X” to restart your game.


If your analog stick is still drifting, power off your PSP then power it back on and follow the recalibration steps.