How to Play the Sims 2 Without a CD

By Courtney Keene

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Sims 2 game disc

  • CD burner

  • CD burning/mounting program

You will need The Sims 2 CD initially to play the game on your computer.
i cd image by Jean-Michel POUGET from

Losing your disc, playing on another computer, or playing with a friend are common reasons requiring a CD-free means of running The Sims 2 game. While you must still acquire a CD to start, you can burn an image of The Sims 2 play disc onto your computer and play any time without inserting the disc.

Download a disc burning and mounting utility such as PowerISO. Run the install wizard and open the program. Consult the help file to familiarize yourself with the functions.

Insert The Sims 2 game disc into your burning tray. Select "Burn Image" when prompted and choose a directory for the .iso file. Click the "Burn" button to start burning.

Remove The Sims 2 disc from the tray once the burn is complete. Navigate to the directory you chose for the .iso and right-click the new file. Select "Mount to Drive[:X]" from the virtual drive menu.

Open Explorer and choose "My Computer." Double-click the virtual drive created by your mounting software. Follow the prompts to launch The Sims 2 without a CD.


Never download a "cracked" .exe file of the game. These downloads are illegal and could impart viruses on your computer.