How to Diagnose & Troubleshoot Sony Bravia With no Sound

by Patrick NelsonUpdated September 28, 2017
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Sony offers a series of advanced televisions under the Bravia name. Problems with Sony Bravia televisions can include issues with sound, ranging from a complete lack to distorted or unacceptable sound quality and insufficient volume. These problems can be diagnosed and corrected by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Look at the Bravia’s wiring, as it relates to other components in the entertainment system. Trace back any wiring from the Bravia and make sure all connections to its inputs, outputs and speakers are secure. Remove plugs from their jacks and plug them in again. If it's connected to a home theater amplifier and speakers, verify that all connections between the Bravia and the home theater system are complete and that the amplifier box is switched on.

Check any sources that supply signals to the Bravia. For example, if the signal usually comes from a cable box, make sure the cable box is on and the wires are intact. Trace the wiring back even further—make sure the cable is connected to the cable box as well. Verify that the input and output settings on the various pieces of equipment are set correctly. For instance, the Bravia needs to be set to the correct input for the cable box if you are using cable as the source. The remote control has an “Input” button; toggle it until you hear sound.

If you are getting a picture but low or no sound, try increasing the volume on the remote control. The volume button is marked with a plus and a minus and sits to the left of the channel button. Press the mute button a few times. Make sure the word “Mute” isn’t displayed on the screen.

Reduce the sound on the Bravia and increase it on the home theater system to reduce distortion. Don’t run all sources (cable box, Bravia and home theater) at full volume. Set the source and Bravia volume around 75%, and then make final adjustments to the home theater to control sound quality.

Replace the batteries on the Sony Bravia remote control if nothing happens when you press the volume and mute buttons.


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