How to Set a Sony Dream Machine

by Martin Woodfield Updated September 28, 2017
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Developed and manufactured by Sony, the ICF-C180 Dream Machine functions as a clock radio and alarm clock. It includes features like an AM/FM tuner, adjustable snooze timer, nap timer and space saving cube design. Dream Machine set-up requires both the setting of current time and the alarm time.


Press and hold the "DST/CLOCK" button until you hear a beep and the hour display begins to flash.

Press "+" or "-" until the hour is set to the correct time.

Press "DST/CLOCK" once until the minute listing begins to flash.

Press "+" or "-" until the minute listing is set to the correct time.

Press "DST/CLOCK" once. You should hear two beeps, then see the time flash and a couple of times.


Press either the "Alarm A" or "Alarm B" button. The current alarm time will display.

Turn the "Alarm Time Set" nob to the "+" or "-" direction to alter the time listing.

Press the same alarm setting button you pressed in step 1 to finish setting the alarm time.


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