How to Run NetMeeting in Windows 7

By Noah Kain

Updated September 15, 2017

Using Microsoft Live Meeting allows you to expand your office meeting from four members to dozens.
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Communicating between employees and business partners can sometimes create problems. You might not have the ability to set up a location that can house everyone involved in your discussions and you also might not have the ability to display information properly. To resolve this problem, many offices utilize conference calls. In past Windows operating systems the program NetMeeting has facilitated many of these needs. In Windows 7, the name of that program has changed to Microsoft Live Meeting, but it still serves the same purpose. You can set up and run Microsoft Live Meeting in a few easy steps.

Have your employees download Microsoft Live Meeting. In order to run a successful meeting using Microsoft Live Meeting, you will need to make sure that all your employees, and anyone else involved in the conference call, has Microsoft Live Meeting installed on their computer. If they do not have Live Meeting installed on their computer, they will not have the ability to access the conference call.

Send out an email invite. Microsoft Live Meeting allows you to send out an email invite to the people you want to participate in your conference call. The invite provides a link to the meeting and the time the meeting will start. On the Live Meeting home menu click the option to "Schedule A Meeting." A window will then appear asking for the meeting description and time. You will then have to add the email addresses of who you want to attend the meeting. Enter the email addresses and then click send to send the invite.

Prepare your talking points and your audio and visual aids. In the Live Meeting content pane you will have the option to activate files that are on your computer during the meeting that the other members can see. Create a folder on your computer to organize your audio and visual content. This will make the content easily accessible during your meeting.

Have your meeting. When the date and time arrive for your meeting, open up Microsoft Live Meeting, open your meeting files and notes, and then discuss the meeting topics once the meeting invites have arrived.